Snorkeling Pulau Payar Langkawi

Snorkeling Pulau Payar Langkawi

The sprinkling of jade green islands that make up Pulau Payar lie just 30km south- east of Langkawi. From here, it is a 1-hour boat ride out to the best marine park on Malaysia's West Coast, making it an ideal choice for a day outing. 

This well-preserved, uninhabited marine park extends over a number of islands, with Pulau Payar being the largest. Your base out here is the floating platform moored off Pulau Payar. But the real attraction of this platform lies below sea level. 

Step into the underwater observation chamber to view the marine life surrounding a reef. Want to get even closer to the swirl of fishes that make these corals their home? Grab a mask, a snorkel and fins and join the spectacle! 

If you are into scuba diving, the best diving is along the reef system that skirts the south, east and west of Pulau Payar. Please check with your dive operator what the visibility is while you’re there, as conditions vary. 

There is no accommodation in Pulau Payar as it is a marine park, but Langkawi, with all its fine resorts and restaurants, is just a speedy boat-ride away.                     

Credit: Official Website Tourism Malaysia                   

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Adult: RM 150.00 Child: RM 130.00
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Adult: RM 180.00 Child: RM 160.00

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